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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

See you in the real world

Hey readers! 

I am sad to say that the semester is coming to an end and I will not be making any more posts on this blog.  I will leave it up for anyone to view and hopefully learn a thing or two about lasers.  Feel free to continue posting comments.  Your thoughts are useful for future readers.

I hope you enjoyed reading, and sometimes watching, my posts.  I know I enjoyed making them, and I learned a lot about blogging.  I also did quite a bit of research on lasers that I would not have done otherwise.  The experience had taught me a lot, and I hope it helped you to learn too.  Keep up your interest in lasers!  As always, stay safe!

Bidding you a fond farewell,
Benito El Jefe

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  1. Thank you Benito. I really enjoyed your posts! I am sad that this is your last. Thanks for the thought-provoking blog.